The World of Myr: The 12th Skull War

There Is No War in Olandsrauf

The city of Olandsrauf in West Gaster is facing increased gang violence in recent months, mostly due to the intervention of Dar Iya, a former bandit captain turned Converted war-chief. They arrived and Carvin decided upon creating his own gang. The three of them visited various bars and Kjevkar visited a nearby fishing village.

Trandorick visited the Arathabadi district of the city, gathering a small group of Arathabadi led by a Southron Warrior.

Carvin went to the Langese district, going first to a group of men gathered around a table playing a card game. One man loses, and his hand is cut off by another with an Arathabadi curved dagger. Carvin is able to convince them to join fairly easily, after learning that they have been left here by merchants who were able to find men they could pay less. He then made his way to the bar, where a man in a long, black cloak sat, with a katana on his belt. He was getting ridiculously drunk on cheap alcohol. Carvin buys him an expensive drink and is able to easily convince the violent little man to join the gang, then making his way to another man wearing straw hat and leaning against the wall, a staff in hand. After a short conversation, he discovers that the man is a mage and is willing to join. He then makes his way up to the more wealthy portion of the tavern, where two twins, about 16 years old, are attempting to get some money from the merchants sitting there. After they are spurned by a group of merchants, Carvin goes up to them and tells them that he will help them get the merchants back. He convinces the mage on the floor below to help him, and sends their bodyguard sailing over the railing. He crashes onto the ground below and is killed by the group playing cards because he landed on their table, causing them to drop their cards and reveal their hands to the others. The twins join him afterwards.

Kjevkas, after a failed attempt to get the village to believe he is a god, decides instead to offer them money. Their chieftain accepts the proposal.

They gather at a field outside the city 3 days later and then launch an assault on a small gang’s fishing village. It is a success, and they are able to overtake the area.


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