The World of Myr: The 12th Skull War

The Escape from Sytherion

Stuck behind Sytherion lines, the Auxiliaries decided to take a river running through occupied Gaster and into Allied territory. They made their way to one of the river-ports, and found it garrisoned by a force of elite marines. Carvin snuck into the camp in the middle of the night, alerting the Sytherion forces to his presence when he lit a large tent on fire. The two men inside the tent happened to be armored in heavy steam-powered flame-resistant suits, and armed with large Flamespitter cannons. Kjevkas immediately tackled the first, knocking him to the ground and causing his pack to explode. The flames engulfed both Kjevkas and Carvin. Marines from the trenches opened fire on the Auxiliaries, but caused little damage. Shaking off the flames, Carvin charged the other Sytherion Flamespitter, grabbing his weapon and grappling with it. Trandorick put an arrow into his pack, making a hole that caused gas to begin to escape. Kjevkas ran towards the trench, knocking a man into it and landing on top of him. The Flamespitter was able to pull his weapon out of Carvin’s hands, and pulled the trigger. Flames shot out of both the nozzle and the hole in his pack, hitting both Carvin and Trandorick. Trandorick quickly put an arrow in his head. Carvin ran toward the trenches, and at the same time Kjevkas sliced the feet off a man standing above him. When Carvin arrived, he threw the footless man into a fireplace.

From the end of the trench, the heavy stomping of an armored figure could be heard. Another Flamespitter let loose a huge ball of flame, flying down the trench. Kjevkas managed to dodge it, but only barely. Trandorick ran across a few planks over the trench to find the other side infested with undead. A Necromancer, a representative of Morcus, stood in the center of the horde. The zombies charged at Trandorick, but he dispatched of them with ease. After a long struggle, and the arrival of more marines, the Auxiliaries were able to effectively secure the port. They took a steam ship and made their way down the river.

About a week into the journey, they were stopped at a Sytherion blockade. Due to the fact that not one of them was human, the Sytherions at the checkpoint quickly realized that the Auxiliaries were not Sytherion soldiers and attacked them. Kjevkas summoned Gilgamesh and they flew down the river, passing through a battle on the river. After avoiding the flak shells fired at them by Sytherion ships, they were finally in safe territory. David gave them their next mission, to go to Elendria and make contacts with Wood Elf militias, without Elendis learning of their involvement. They were given a week’s rest to recuperate and gather what equipment they needed.


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