The World of Myr: The 12th Skull War

Old Magic

As the second day of the IEGEB rolled about, the Auxiliaries spent the day purchasing equipment before the nightfall. After arriving at the ball, they were tasked by David to infiltrate a conference room that would host a meeting of high-class Churchmen and their allies. At this meeting David believed that they would be able to learn of some of the Church’s plans. After Trandorick was placed in the alternate dimension created by his knife cutting a small hole into Gilgamesh, Carvin brutally failed in an attempt to go through the front door, lying to the Elven guards with the eloquence of a rotting pumpkin. After this, he left the palace and went around the outside, sneaking through the bushes to avoid the gaze of the patrons standing above. After this, he climbed up to the roof, and with Kjevkas’s help, managed to place the small ebony fly in the room before the meeting even started. Trandorick, listening from within, was able to hear that the Church was planning an attack on the Archive of Wisdom, that they had located a book in Elendria that had the spell to summon an Aspect of Saurvos in it, and that Juliana, the appointed sacrifice, was being returned to Castle Gartharian. Along with this, they learned that Archbishop Sylvester II was not directly involved in the plan to summon the Aspect, but was aware of it and giving his support by not stopping it. They relayed this information to David and then traveled with him to the Juctillian Ruin that they came across earlier and were forced to flee from. David defeated the Crystal Golem in the first room and then set about attempting to disenchant the ruins while the Auxiliaries went further in to clear it of whatever else was down there. After fighting their way through magically altered rats and ancient Juctillian constructs, along with a strange woman bearing a resemblance to a Deva, they returned to David and were rewarded with a small amount of gold. The next day, they went to a meeting with David, Krathin, and Elendis about which plan to follow next to deal with the Church. David’s plan was to send the Auxiliaries to kidnap Juliana, send a squad of Imperator Mages to the Archive of Wisdom to defend it, and have Elendis use his own men to secure the book in Elendria. Krathin wanted to send the Auxiliaries to the Archive, have Imperators go to Elendria, and simply allow Juliana to be transported back to Embercron. Finally, Elendis wanted the Auxiliaries to find the tome in Elendria, to send Imperator Mages to kidnap Juliana, and to send no help to the Archive. The Auxiliaries chose to follow Krathin’s plan, and are now making preparations to leave for the Archive.


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