The World of Myr: The 12th Skull War

Freedom Fighters

A month-long journey takes the Auxiliaries to the border of Elendria. Another week of trekking through the forest, and they arrive at the camp of a group of Wood Elf militiamen led by an escaped slave named Nandor. They come up with a complicated plan to remove Elendis from the throne of Elendria and replace the High Elf government with a Wood Elf one. Right now, though, the line has to be held. There is an assault that will soon occur on a position including both Dark Elves and Duergar, built around a Juctillian Ruin.

Nandor instructed them to assault the right flank of trenches, which had a Duergar machine gun nest built into it. Skirting across the battlefield, they managed to dodge the fire coming from the machine gun. Deurgar warriors came out of the trenches and attacked the Auxiliaries, using mind-control to have Trandorick attack his friends. With the help of a few mines, Kjevkas was able to flush the machine gunners out of their nest and deal with them. The struggle continued until the Duergar were routed and the Auxiliaries pushed forward. They realized that they were now behind enemy lines and therefore cut off from their Wood Elf allies. Dark Elves began to pour out of the Ruins. If the Auxiliaries want the Wood Elves to be able to break through the line, these forces must be held here.

Wood Elf warriors break through the lines, flooding forward towards the ruins. The Dark Elves and Duergar retreat, locking themselves in the ruins. They activated the Juctillian defenses. The Auxiliaries were met by Wraiths and constructs in the courtyard, and were forced to defend the position while Nandor attempted to open the door.

After clearing the courtyard, the Auxiliaries forced their way into the ruins. They fought through a group of Dark Elves and into the interior of the building. A demon possessed Trandorick and used him to attack the Auxiliaries while Wraiths spawned around an ancient throne. Carvin was knocked unconscious and eventually only Kjevkas was able to keep up the fight. Despite this, the Dark Elves were defeated and the ruins were cleared.


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