The World of Myr: The 12th Skull War

Through the Depths

The next day, the Auxiliaries left the Red Brotherhood’s village and made their way to the Cult of Morcus stronghold. They fought their way through the guards outside, braving the strange, sewn-together undead creatures created by the cult. Once they made their way into the stronghold proper, they found a mostly ruined old Dwarven fort. After fighting their way through more undead and necromancers, they made their way into the the laboratory at the far end. Inside, a necromancer going through his notes used a portal to summon an undead Beholder.
The defeat of the necromancer soon after caused the Beholder to have one of its links with the physical world broken. Kjevkas, displaying the lack of self-preservation he has come to be known for, jumped onto the back of the Beholder and started trying to cut off its eye stalks. Although this did distract the beast, it still managed to down Trandorick and eventually kill the Beastman for good, destroying his head with a blast from its eye. Carvin and Kjevkas were able to defeat the Beholder nonetheless. After the fight, Carvin used some basic necromancy to raise a zombie using Trandorick’s headless body and attaching a ham from the next room to the top of his head as a substitute. Krathin was contacted and he consulted with The World Serpent, the Primal Spirit that guards all the souls of Beastmen. The World Serpent agreed to return Trandorick’s soul in the form of a Dyrad as soon as the Auxiliaries came across a forest.

The Auxiliaries returned to the stronghold of the Red Brotherhood, and Brother Dispatias, obviously surprised that they survived, gave them a map to find their way to a small Dwarven town built around one of the ancient Dwarven Surface Lifts. The journey took them about a month, but they reached the town. However, the Lift took them up into a mountainous region that soon was recognized to be Sytherion, the largest Empire in the world and a member of the Pact of Morcus. The Auxiliaries would have to find their way through the hostile country if they wanted to make it to Embercron.


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