The World of Myr: The 12th Skull War

The Battle of the Archive

After the Auxiliaries make their way to the Archive of Wisdom, they go about drawing up levies from the nearby town and constructing defenses. By night, the Church forces have arrived, augmented by a legion of Angels descending from the sky. They begin firing a cannon at the Archive, which the Auxiliaries are instructed to destroy. Their first attempt to destroy the cannon ends with it being thrown into the hands of a powerful Avatar of Saurvos, which takes the cannon in both hands and begins to fire it like an over-sized musket. Kjevkas valiantly charged out of the trench to do battle with the Avatar and it’s minions, defeating it and destroying the cannon. After that, the Auxiliaries were ordered by Archmage Illuvator to make their way through the tunnels beneath the Archive to escape. After wandering down through the winding libraries of the Archive, they found their way to the door that guarded the entrance into The Deep. David contacts them through their magic orb and informs them that he has a contact operating within a less-than-reputable organization known as The Red Brotherhood. His name is Brother Disbatias. David gives them directions on how to reach the Red Brotherhood hideout that he is in, but it leads them across an underground river. There, they come across strange creatures known as Nothics, possibly the result of magical experimentation by the Juctillian Empire in the First Age, and a Dragonspawn that seemed to be the combination of a spider and a black dragon. The mind-control properties of the Nothics and of a nearby Juctillian Relic caused difficulties in the party, with Trandorick being turned on Carvin. However, they just barely escaped , destroying the pillar and defeating the creatures. Soon, they made it to the hideout of the Red Brotherhood, and Brother Disbatias was waiting for them. He informed them that he would not help them for free, and that in return they would need to go clear out a nearby Cult of Morashad that was interfering with the “business” of the Red Brothers.


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