The World of Myr: The 12th Skull War

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

The Auxiliaries found a forest within a week and were reunited with Trandorick, allowing them to ditch the zombie. By the end of the month, they had arrived at a village in rural Sytherion. They decided that it would be safe to enter the town, believing that there would probably not be any Sytherion authorities there. However, when they arrived, they found that the village had been ransacked and the only people that were left there were old men and children younger than 10. The rest have all been drafted by the First Chosen and the last time they came, they took the grain stores when there was nobody left to draft. Now, the few villagers that remain know that they will be returning during the day to claim the rest of the stores, all the villagers have left to survive the coming winter. The Village Elder tells the Auxiliaries that if they fight off the Chosen’s soldiers he will provide them with a map. The Auxiliaries agree to help the villagers. They spend some time preparing for the Chosen’s soldiers arrival. Kjevkas covers a log in Dragonfire tar and drags it up to a tower along the palisade and barriers are prepared to keep the soldiers that are caught in the middle from leaving. Trandorick and Carvin gather sharpened sticks and climb up to the top of another tower, ready to throw them down like javelins.

Three of the seven soldiers that arrive are caught in the killing field in between the palisades. One of the others blows a horn, calling a horde of ghouls and Demons under the command of Morcus to support them. Kjevkas and the others quickly realize that there is no way to get off palisade towers, which will soon catch fire. They all jumped off. Trandorick landed face-first on the ground, but the others were able to jump off and land on their feet, keeping their balance. After a long, hard fight, the Auxiliaries are able to defeat the Chosen’s men, this time without any casualties. The Elder provides them with their map. They spend a year’s worth of time making the trek through Sytherion back to home.

During the journey, they come across a battlefield littered with dead Sytherion soldiers. In the center of it there stood a woman, tending to the corpses. When they approached her, she attacked, revealing that she was in fact a Filth Hag. Four of her Sons burst from the walls and attacked the Auxiliaries, but when the Hag was defeated they were destroyed.

They finally crossed into the realm of the 6th Chosen, where Morcus holds the most sway, avoiding patrols of Nemorcan troops and demons along the way. They ran out of food but were able to sustain themselves on hunting birds. They finally reached Gaster and now they sit behind Sytherion lines, pondering how to get through the lines and back to safety.


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