The World of Myr: The 12th Skull War

There Is No War in Olandsrauf

The city of Olandsrauf in West Gaster is facing increased gang violence in recent months, mostly due to the intervention of Dar Iya, a former bandit captain turned Converted war-chief. They arrived and Carvin decided upon creating his own gang. The three of them visited various bars and Kjevkar visited a nearby fishing village.

Trandorick visited the Arathabadi district of the city, gathering a small group of Arathabadi led by a Southron Warrior.

Carvin went to the Langese district, going first to a group of men gathered around a table playing a card game. One man loses, and his hand is cut off by another with an Arathabadi curved dagger. Carvin is able to convince them to join fairly easily, after learning that they have been left here by merchants who were able to find men they could pay less. He then made his way to the bar, where a man in a long, black cloak sat, with a katana on his belt. He was getting ridiculously drunk on cheap alcohol. Carvin buys him an expensive drink and is able to easily convince the violent little man to join the gang, then making his way to another man wearing straw hat and leaning against the wall, a staff in hand. After a short conversation, he discovers that the man is a mage and is willing to join. He then makes his way up to the more wealthy portion of the tavern, where two twins, about 16 years old, are attempting to get some money from the merchants sitting there. After they are spurned by a group of merchants, Carvin goes up to them and tells them that he will help them get the merchants back. He convinces the mage on the floor below to help him, and sends their bodyguard sailing over the railing. He crashes onto the ground below and is killed by the group playing cards because he landed on their table, causing them to drop their cards and reveal their hands to the others. The twins join him afterwards.

Kjevkas, after a failed attempt to get the village to believe he is a god, decides instead to offer them money. Their chieftain accepts the proposal.

They gather at a field outside the city 3 days later and then launch an assault on a small gang’s fishing village. It is a success, and they are able to overtake the area.

Freedom Fighters

A month-long journey takes the Auxiliaries to the border of Elendria. Another week of trekking through the forest, and they arrive at the camp of a group of Wood Elf militiamen led by an escaped slave named Nandor. They come up with a complicated plan to remove Elendis from the throne of Elendria and replace the High Elf government with a Wood Elf one. Right now, though, the line has to be held. There is an assault that will soon occur on a position including both Dark Elves and Duergar, built around a Juctillian Ruin.

Nandor instructed them to assault the right flank of trenches, which had a Duergar machine gun nest built into it. Skirting across the battlefield, they managed to dodge the fire coming from the machine gun. Deurgar warriors came out of the trenches and attacked the Auxiliaries, using mind-control to have Trandorick attack his friends. With the help of a few mines, Kjevkas was able to flush the machine gunners out of their nest and deal with them. The struggle continued until the Duergar were routed and the Auxiliaries pushed forward. They realized that they were now behind enemy lines and therefore cut off from their Wood Elf allies. Dark Elves began to pour out of the Ruins. If the Auxiliaries want the Wood Elves to be able to break through the line, these forces must be held here.

Wood Elf warriors break through the lines, flooding forward towards the ruins. The Dark Elves and Duergar retreat, locking themselves in the ruins. They activated the Juctillian defenses. The Auxiliaries were met by Wraiths and constructs in the courtyard, and were forced to defend the position while Nandor attempted to open the door.

After clearing the courtyard, the Auxiliaries forced their way into the ruins. They fought through a group of Dark Elves and into the interior of the building. A demon possessed Trandorick and used him to attack the Auxiliaries while Wraiths spawned around an ancient throne. Carvin was knocked unconscious and eventually only Kjevkas was able to keep up the fight. Despite this, the Dark Elves were defeated and the ruins were cleared.

The Escape from Sytherion

Stuck behind Sytherion lines, the Auxiliaries decided to take a river running through occupied Gaster and into Allied territory. They made their way to one of the river-ports, and found it garrisoned by a force of elite marines. Carvin snuck into the camp in the middle of the night, alerting the Sytherion forces to his presence when he lit a large tent on fire. The two men inside the tent happened to be armored in heavy steam-powered flame-resistant suits, and armed with large Flamespitter cannons. Kjevkas immediately tackled the first, knocking him to the ground and causing his pack to explode. The flames engulfed both Kjevkas and Carvin. Marines from the trenches opened fire on the Auxiliaries, but caused little damage. Shaking off the flames, Carvin charged the other Sytherion Flamespitter, grabbing his weapon and grappling with it. Trandorick put an arrow into his pack, making a hole that caused gas to begin to escape. Kjevkas ran towards the trench, knocking a man into it and landing on top of him. The Flamespitter was able to pull his weapon out of Carvin’s hands, and pulled the trigger. Flames shot out of both the nozzle and the hole in his pack, hitting both Carvin and Trandorick. Trandorick quickly put an arrow in his head. Carvin ran toward the trenches, and at the same time Kjevkas sliced the feet off a man standing above him. When Carvin arrived, he threw the footless man into a fireplace.

From the end of the trench, the heavy stomping of an armored figure could be heard. Another Flamespitter let loose a huge ball of flame, flying down the trench. Kjevkas managed to dodge it, but only barely. Trandorick ran across a few planks over the trench to find the other side infested with undead. A Necromancer, a representative of Morcus, stood in the center of the horde. The zombies charged at Trandorick, but he dispatched of them with ease. After a long struggle, and the arrival of more marines, the Auxiliaries were able to effectively secure the port. They took a steam ship and made their way down the river.

About a week into the journey, they were stopped at a Sytherion blockade. Due to the fact that not one of them was human, the Sytherions at the checkpoint quickly realized that the Auxiliaries were not Sytherion soldiers and attacked them. Kjevkas summoned Gilgamesh and they flew down the river, passing through a battle on the river. After avoiding the flak shells fired at them by Sytherion ships, they were finally in safe territory. David gave them their next mission, to go to Elendria and make contacts with Wood Elf militias, without Elendis learning of their involvement. They were given a week’s rest to recuperate and gather what equipment they needed.

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

The Auxiliaries found a forest within a week and were reunited with Trandorick, allowing them to ditch the zombie. By the end of the month, they had arrived at a village in rural Sytherion. They decided that it would be safe to enter the town, believing that there would probably not be any Sytherion authorities there. However, when they arrived, they found that the village had been ransacked and the only people that were left there were old men and children younger than 10. The rest have all been drafted by the First Chosen and the last time they came, they took the grain stores when there was nobody left to draft. Now, the few villagers that remain know that they will be returning during the day to claim the rest of the stores, all the villagers have left to survive the coming winter. The Village Elder tells the Auxiliaries that if they fight off the Chosen’s soldiers he will provide them with a map. The Auxiliaries agree to help the villagers. They spend some time preparing for the Chosen’s soldiers arrival. Kjevkas covers a log in Dragonfire tar and drags it up to a tower along the palisade and barriers are prepared to keep the soldiers that are caught in the middle from leaving. Trandorick and Carvin gather sharpened sticks and climb up to the top of another tower, ready to throw them down like javelins.

Three of the seven soldiers that arrive are caught in the killing field in between the palisades. One of the others blows a horn, calling a horde of ghouls and Demons under the command of Morcus to support them. Kjevkas and the others quickly realize that there is no way to get off palisade towers, which will soon catch fire. They all jumped off. Trandorick landed face-first on the ground, but the others were able to jump off and land on their feet, keeping their balance. After a long, hard fight, the Auxiliaries are able to defeat the Chosen’s men, this time without any casualties. The Elder provides them with their map. They spend a year’s worth of time making the trek through Sytherion back to home.

During the journey, they come across a battlefield littered with dead Sytherion soldiers. In the center of it there stood a woman, tending to the corpses. When they approached her, she attacked, revealing that she was in fact a Filth Hag. Four of her Sons burst from the walls and attacked the Auxiliaries, but when the Hag was defeated they were destroyed.

They finally crossed into the realm of the 6th Chosen, where Morcus holds the most sway, avoiding patrols of Nemorcan troops and demons along the way. They ran out of food but were able to sustain themselves on hunting birds. They finally reached Gaster and now they sit behind Sytherion lines, pondering how to get through the lines and back to safety.

Through the Depths

The next day, the Auxiliaries left the Red Brotherhood’s village and made their way to the Cult of Morcus stronghold. They fought their way through the guards outside, braving the strange, sewn-together undead creatures created by the cult. Once they made their way into the stronghold proper, they found a mostly ruined old Dwarven fort. After fighting their way through more undead and necromancers, they made their way into the the laboratory at the far end. Inside, a necromancer going through his notes used a portal to summon an undead Beholder.
The defeat of the necromancer soon after caused the Beholder to have one of its links with the physical world broken. Kjevkas, displaying the lack of self-preservation he has come to be known for, jumped onto the back of the Beholder and started trying to cut off its eye stalks. Although this did distract the beast, it still managed to down Trandorick and eventually kill the Beastman for good, destroying his head with a blast from its eye. Carvin and Kjevkas were able to defeat the Beholder nonetheless. After the fight, Carvin used some basic necromancy to raise a zombie using Trandorick’s headless body and attaching a ham from the next room to the top of his head as a substitute. Krathin was contacted and he consulted with The World Serpent, the Primal Spirit that guards all the souls of Beastmen. The World Serpent agreed to return Trandorick’s soul in the form of a Dyrad as soon as the Auxiliaries came across a forest.

The Auxiliaries returned to the stronghold of the Red Brotherhood, and Brother Dispatias, obviously surprised that they survived, gave them a map to find their way to a small Dwarven town built around one of the ancient Dwarven Surface Lifts. The journey took them about a month, but they reached the town. However, the Lift took them up into a mountainous region that soon was recognized to be Sytherion, the largest Empire in the world and a member of the Pact of Morcus. The Auxiliaries would have to find their way through the hostile country if they wanted to make it to Embercron.

The Battle of the Archive

After the Auxiliaries make their way to the Archive of Wisdom, they go about drawing up levies from the nearby town and constructing defenses. By night, the Church forces have arrived, augmented by a legion of Angels descending from the sky. They begin firing a cannon at the Archive, which the Auxiliaries are instructed to destroy. Their first attempt to destroy the cannon ends with it being thrown into the hands of a powerful Avatar of Saurvos, which takes the cannon in both hands and begins to fire it like an over-sized musket. Kjevkas valiantly charged out of the trench to do battle with the Avatar and it’s minions, defeating it and destroying the cannon. After that, the Auxiliaries were ordered by Archmage Illuvator to make their way through the tunnels beneath the Archive to escape. After wandering down through the winding libraries of the Archive, they found their way to the door that guarded the entrance into The Deep. David contacts them through their magic orb and informs them that he has a contact operating within a less-than-reputable organization known as The Red Brotherhood. His name is Brother Disbatias. David gives them directions on how to reach the Red Brotherhood hideout that he is in, but it leads them across an underground river. There, they come across strange creatures known as Nothics, possibly the result of magical experimentation by the Juctillian Empire in the First Age, and a Dragonspawn that seemed to be the combination of a spider and a black dragon. The mind-control properties of the Nothics and of a nearby Juctillian Relic caused difficulties in the party, with Trandorick being turned on Carvin. However, they just barely escaped , destroying the pillar and defeating the creatures. Soon, they made it to the hideout of the Red Brotherhood, and Brother Disbatias was waiting for them. He informed them that he would not help them for free, and that in return they would need to go clear out a nearby Cult of Morashad that was interfering with the “business” of the Red Brothers.

Old Magic

As the second day of the IEGEB rolled about, the Auxiliaries spent the day purchasing equipment before the nightfall. After arriving at the ball, they were tasked by David to infiltrate a conference room that would host a meeting of high-class Churchmen and their allies. At this meeting David believed that they would be able to learn of some of the Church’s plans. After Trandorick was placed in the alternate dimension created by his knife cutting a small hole into Gilgamesh, Carvin brutally failed in an attempt to go through the front door, lying to the Elven guards with the eloquence of a rotting pumpkin. After this, he left the palace and went around the outside, sneaking through the bushes to avoid the gaze of the patrons standing above. After this, he climbed up to the roof, and with Kjevkas’s help, managed to place the small ebony fly in the room before the meeting even started. Trandorick, listening from within, was able to hear that the Church was planning an attack on the Archive of Wisdom, that they had located a book in Elendria that had the spell to summon an Aspect of Saurvos in it, and that Juliana, the appointed sacrifice, was being returned to Castle Gartharian. Along with this, they learned that Archbishop Sylvester II was not directly involved in the plan to summon the Aspect, but was aware of it and giving his support by not stopping it. They relayed this information to David and then traveled with him to the Juctillian Ruin that they came across earlier and were forced to flee from. David defeated the Crystal Golem in the first room and then set about attempting to disenchant the ruins while the Auxiliaries went further in to clear it of whatever else was down there. After fighting their way through magically altered rats and ancient Juctillian constructs, along with a strange woman bearing a resemblance to a Deva, they returned to David and were rewarded with a small amount of gold. The next day, they went to a meeting with David, Krathin, and Elendis about which plan to follow next to deal with the Church. David’s plan was to send the Auxiliaries to kidnap Juliana, send a squad of Imperator Mages to the Archive of Wisdom to defend it, and have Elendis use his own men to secure the book in Elendria. Krathin wanted to send the Auxiliaries to the Archive, have Imperators go to Elendria, and simply allow Juliana to be transported back to Embercron. Finally, Elendis wanted the Auxiliaries to find the tome in Elendria, to send Imperator Mages to kidnap Juliana, and to send no help to the Archive. The Auxiliaries chose to follow Krathin’s plan, and are now making preparations to leave for the Archive.

Arrival in Elendria

After chasing off Dar Iya, Gwendolyn walks presents the Auxiliaries with a letter from Legate Elendis of Elendria inviting them to The Imperial Elendrian Grand Elven Ball (Most non-Elves jokingly refer to it as the IEGEB), the biannual hotspot for high society and world politics. During a time of war and social upheaval such as this, all world leaders are sure to attend and there will most likely be many plans hatched and illicit deals agreed upon during this meeting of nobility of all sorts, and therefore the Auxiliaries decide to make the journey to Elendria to attend. They were lent an airship and use it to fly to Eldarwynion, the capital of Elendria, returning it to the Embercronian Embassy in the city. When they arrive, they still have three months until the IEGEB begins. They are given three tasks by the Embercronian Embassy, direct from David:

  1. Procure appropriate dress wear for the ball.
  2. Investigate the source of the Church influence in the Topaz Fist
  3. Assist the inept Elven army against the Dark Elf and Duegar invaders
    The Auxiliaries dump a large heap of gold into the purchase of three sets of Elven Ball Robes, and being their search through the city of Eldarwynion for hints of the source of Church influences. After confronting a member of the Topaz Fist on the street and forcing him to take them back to the Topaz Fist headquarters in Eldarwynion, where the Auxiliaries learn of three members of the Council of Elders, a group of ancient Elves that holds no official political power but exists to preserve Elven culture and therefore still holds a serious amount of political influence, have been treating with the Church and openly speaking against Elendis and David. This leads to Carvin entering the Bar-Ned-Einor, the meeting place of the Elder Council, a confrontation that nearly comes to blows and results in no real information. After this, they prepare to meet the Dark Elf forces in one of the many trenches that crisscross the deep forests of Elendria. They lead a fateful assault against Dark Elves wielding powerful Infernal Magic, so powerful in fact that Carvin falls during the skirmish. He survives, but the bones in his right arm are crushed entirely and he is in such pain that Trandorick and Kjevkas decide to descend down the stairs into what they assume to be a bunker without him while he heals.

What they find below is not a bunker of any kind of bunker, but instead ruins so ancient that Trandorick, an accomplished amateur archaeologist and dead language expert, has only heard of the architectural style in tomes. This ruin is Juctillian, a civilization that dominated the entire world in the days when the Gods still walked the surface of Myr. The walls are black stone and grooves filled with pure mana light the hallway with an eerie blue light. As they walk forward, Kjevkas and Trandorick see the hallway open up into a larger room. In the center of the room is a glowing blue circle on the ground, with mana flowing to it from the bone staff of a Dark Elf standing nearby. Standing around the room in various watching this ritual occur are large, one-eyed creatures. Kjevkas and Trandorick decide that it would be better not to engage these creatures and hatch a plan. At the same time, Trandorick releases an arrow which slams into the Dark Elf, throwing him off his feet, and Kjevkas throws a bomb of alchemical fire into the mana circle in the center of the room.
Kjevkas and Trandorick hear these ancient runes spoken over and over again in their minds, accompanied by all manner of sounds, from the shrieks and cries of animals to the sounds of raging battle to the screaming of dying women and children, shaking their consciences to the core. A great runed door bursts open, and the two look on in horror as great creature made of stone explodes into the room, his fist slamming into one of the single-eyed creatures, dropping it immediately. Their minds are overcome with fear and they flee from the ruins. As they charge out up the stairs from the ruins below, Kjevkas sweeps Carvin off his feet and picks him up, carrying the elf as he and Trandorick flee from the ruin until the sounds battering their minds cease. When they finally stop, they are shaken to their very cores. Neither of them speak for days on end as they walk back to Eldarwynion. Carvin, however, heard none of these sounds and his only injury is to his physical form.

By the time they return, it is almost time for the IEGEB. Within a few days, the first day of the three-day-long event is at hand. After a series of grand receptions, the Auxiliaries are met by David and Krathin in the Elven Palace’s Ball Room. David informs them that they know belong to an elect group of agents known as the Order of the Silver Flame, a group that serves David directly and does not answer to the Embercronian Government. Technically, it does not exist as anything more than a branch of the Mages Guild that serves as David’s personal bodyguard. Krathin heals Carvin’s arm, and although it will never fully heal, one could not ask for a better healer. David also presents the Auxiliaries with a magic stone that allows him to send them orders remotely. After quickly and uneventfully dealing with a small group of Topaz Fist trying to infiltrate the ball, they schmooze up to political figures. Kjevkas, however, confronts a girl by the name of Juliana, the bastard daughter of the current Archbishop of the Church of the Five. He intimidates her into telling her that she has been chosen as the sacrifice for the Aspect Ritual, but is unable to get any other information out of her. What will happen on the next two nights of the IEGEB? What does David have planned for the Auxiliaries? What is the significance of the Juctillian Ruins? The answers to these questions and many more will be revealed during the travels of the Auxiliaries.

Conspiracy at Varabad Keep

The Auxiliaries, traveling with the House Gartharian Knight, embark on their month-long journey to Varabad Keep. A week and two days in, during Trandorick’s watch, during which he had fallen asleep, the party came under attack by Scrian soldiers, Dragonkin and Drakkoths. Even without their armor, they were valiantly able to fight off these attackers, but only barely. Continuing for the rest of the month, they finally arrived at the Keep, where they were able to adeptly convince Commander Gwendolyn ir’Wynern not to announce their presence to the soldiers in the fortress. Carvin decided to follow the Knight down into the ruins of the ancient city of Varkhan buried below the fortress while the other two stayed above and prepared an assault into the fortress with a combined force of Embercronian soldiers to liberate Carvin and box in the Church forces hiding below. When Carvin reached the bottom, he was confronted by Dar Iya, the Gastese bandit captain in the employ of Bishop Cyran, for the third time. After some tense negotiations, the captain heard sounds of the battle raging on the floor above and shoved a dagger into Carvin’s stomach before attempting to retreat up to a cave that had been dug from the ruins to the cliff face. On that same floor, Trandorick and Kjevkas battled with Topaxz Fist Agents and a Divine Construct known as an Eidolon. When their position began to become overrun by snipers and Deva, they were forced to retreat and allow the Embercronian army to handle the Church forces. Carvin, returning from his place of peace in the Starlands, attempted to make his way up and support the Embercronian forces, but found himself stuck behind a locked door which he failed to open. After the battle ended, Embercronian soldiers used the body of the Eidolon as a battering ram to knock down the door and let Carvin out. Trandorick and Kjevkas, reaching the open ground at the top of the fort, were able to see Dar Iya and the Gartharian Knight flying off in an ornithopter as shells exploded around them. What will the Bishop Cyran do now that the Auxiliaries know of his involvement in the plot? Where is Dar Iya going? What will happen to the Auxiliaries now? The answers to these questions and many more will be revealed in the travels of the Auxiliaries.

The Legacy of Beleria

After defeating the Church forces on the top level of the Cathedral, the players delved into the catacombs to learn what “Ancient Power” lied in the South. On the first level of the catacombs, they fought their way through more Topaz Fist agents and a pair of the mysterious Deva. They learned that the catacombs were built to house the members of a branch of the old Thoridinian Paladin’s Guild. Trandorick’s knowledge of ancient languages allowed him to see that the writing on the tombs was in Old Belerian, not Thoridinian, and this along with a statue of a famous Belerian revolutionary fighter suggested a split between the wing of the Paladin’s Guild established in Beleria and the original in Thoridinia. Going down another floor of the ruins led them to find a room filled with mercenaries hired by the Church, supported by an Angel of Saurvos. A few lucky hits and the swift dodging of a rolling boulder allowed the Auxiliaries to down the Angel fairly quickly. They now faced a large door with a strange mechanism and a riddle written on the doorframe above.
“Turn me on my back. And open up my stomach. You will be the wisest of men, though you at start are but a lummox.”
Kjevkas’s astute reasoning allowed him to figure out the answer, which was a book, and through knowledge of history and religion he was able to assume that by a book it meant the Scriptures of Orygalmus, and by the Scriptures of Orygalmus it meant the exact copy of the Scriptures used by the Belerian Paladin’s Guild. To procure this book, they would have to make a trek into the ruined city of Old Beleria, a place synonymous with ancient and dangerous magics. Using one of the many holes in the wall surrounding the ruins, they braved the ruins. Inside, they were faced with magical creatures made of dust and broken columns, which they dispatched with much effort, including a brave act by Kjevkas, launching himself into the insides of the dust creature and fighting it from its inside. They found the ancient book in a shrine and returned to the temple. They placed the book into the strange locking mechanism and opened it to find the tomb of an Paladin by the name of Zanril Songsteel. To their surprise, his spirit came forth from the tomb and asked them what they were doing in his resting place. After some diplomacy, they were able to convince him to tell them for what he had been sacrificed, they knew that he gave his life in some form or fashion due to his epitaph. Upon telling them that he was killed to summon an Aspect of Saurvos, they learned of what the Church was after in the South. He told them what was required to summon an Aspect, being a Dragon Heart, the Feathers of an Angel, and the first blood spilled in a war, along with a human sacrifice. Being in possession of a Dragon Heart, the Auxiliaries decided to travel back to Arathkhan and try to sell it on the black market to see who would come to try to buy it from them so they could learn who was involved. After being harassed by some Scrians looking for the heart, they managed to make a deal with a House Gartharian Knight and rode off towards his base of operations in Varabad Keep in the East of Arathabad. What will the Auxiliaries find there? What will the Scrians do now that they have been cheated out of their heart? Will the Church be able to summon the Aspect or will they be stopped them? The answer to these questions and many others will arise during the travels of the Auxiliaries.


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