Ranger Beastman


Born in the northern Gastese Taiga, I was part of a small tribe of beastman who lived a simple and rural life surviving the harsh winters of the north. Even though life was harsh in the far north it was relatively peaceful. I learned quickly the skills that it would take to survive with the tribe and by the time I was 10 I had become part of my tribes hunters, a select group whose job it was to collect the food for the rest of the clan. This taught me many of the skills that I now use today in combat.

When I was twenty my tribe was forced to make a hard decision when a terrible winter storm came in from the far north. My tribe chieftain, Bavilthar, after several days of waiting out the storm to see if it would pass, he decided that it would be best for the tribe to continue to wait out the storm however long it may last. At first, I respected his decision as chieftain but soon the storm began to grow worse and several of our elders died from the extreme conditions. Slowly, the storm grew worse, yet the chieftain remained firm on his decision. I began to grow tireless of the harsh conditions and began to doubt the chieftain was doing what was best for our tribe. As many members of our tribe continued to die, I decided to respectfully present my opinions to Bavilthar. He said that the tribe had survived in these lands for centuries without a problem and that I was a traitor to the tribe for even thinking of abandoning our homeland. The following day I decided that I would leave the tribe for my own safety. Over thirty members of the tribe had already been found dead and several more suffered from frozen limbs and frostbite. I asked some of the other members to accompany me, but they all refused out of respect for Bavilthar.

As I began my trek south, unaware of any nearby civilizations, I eventually came across the Ironwood Oak where I was recruited by the Embercronian army. I started my military career during the Hamatarian Insurrection where I was promoted to the rank of private first class after participating in the occupation of the Island of Karala. After my promotion I was then put on leave during peace time until I was called to service at the start of the 12th Skull War. I was then assigned to the auxiliary regiment in the Legio V where I am currently located.


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