War has once again broken out between the two great powers of the world, the Thoridinian Tharmon_after_Sacking.jpgAlliance and the Pact of Morcus. It has been almost a century since the last Skull War, a fifty-year atrocity that left the world in shambles. The few that returned from that war were not the same people that marched off. Many are afraid that the same will happen in this war.

David and Krathin, the immortal Great Mages that lead the Thoridinian Alliance, struggle to hold back the tide of undead warriors spilling forth and deal with the rebellious and corrupt Church of the Five at the same time. Darkness threatens to envelop the world for all of eternity. Heroes must arise from the ranks of the Thoridinian Alliance’s armies if there is going to be any hope to stand up to Morcus and his legions.

Welcome to Myr! Welcome to War!
Myr is an ancient world, full of ancient rivalries and populated by nations. It is a world driven by powerful men and their aspirations. Politics and foreign relations are strained by the war.

The campaign begins at the dawn of the 12th Skull War. The players take on the role of soldiers on the front at the beginning of the campaign, but due to their status as Auxiliaries, they are sent on special missions all over the world along with following their own, personal quests.

The World of Myr: The 12th Skull War

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